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Exchange Foundations Visits the New York Interns

In early June 2017, the CIEE Portland team ventured off to the Big Apple to check in on the cohort of New York interns, as well as extend a friendly handshake our esteemed Host Companies. Our first stop on that sizzling Thursday morning was to The Riverside Company at Rockefeller Center, a private equity firm. We were welcomed by Sarah Spencer, Director of Strategic Analysis & Sourcing, and supervisor to our newest intern to the New York area, Goda Gausaite. Sarah was eager to share helpful feedback about our internship program, and we were delighted to learn how the PIP program has made a positive impact on The Riverside Company throughout the several years of partnership. 

Goda Gausaite, BAFF Intern, and Ms. Sarah Spencer, Director and Supervisor
Kelly Francis, Denise Desrochers, Maggie Ivanova, Goda Gausaite

Our next stop was to our cherished real-estate host company, Elegran Real Estate. Here, we scoped out our two Elegran interns, Emilija Bruzgyte and Robert Reidla, in their very own workspaces. The CIEE team was given a tour of the two-floor company, and met several of our interns' supervisors and co-supervisors, including founder and CEO Michael Rossi, Marketing Director, Tigh Loughhead, and Director of Operations, Jessica Rymer. 

Emilija Bruzgyte, Finance Intern
Robert Reidla, Marketing Intern
Emilija Bruzgyte (Lithuania) and Robert Reidla (Estonia)

For all you fashion gurus, our next stop is sure to pique your interest! Brand Assembly is a fashion incubator which provides emerging designers a space to showcase their products in a co-working environment. Target clients come to the showroom by appointment to peruse the racks of their preferred visionaries. An added plus to this indoor boutique lineup is how visitors will be magnetized towards the shimmery apparel of the other brand stations, thereby multiplying the prospective client base for all participating designers. Here, the CIEE team reunited with intern Kaiu Koll, who heralded her inclusion in this fast-paced, fashion-driven community. We then enjoyed an informative chat with Co-Founder and CEO Hillary France, who expressed her gratitude for CIEE's internship program and for its stalwart talent. The desire to uphold and cling to this CIEE/Brand Assembly partnership was truly reciprocal! 

Intern Kiau Koll
Kiau Koll and Brand Assembly CEO Hillary France

That evening, all New York City-based BAFF and HAESF interns joined the EF team for a cocktail gathering at Salvation Taco. This provided a great opportunity to catch up with the interns, to get the inside scoop on their working relationships, their travels, and their apartment-hunting travail. We were honored to have a special appearance by local BAFF Chairman, Kim Davis, who made a point to chat with every member of the party. The evening concluded on a quintessential New York note, atop Salvation Taco's skyscraper-encompassed rooftop patiobar. 

Emilija Bruzgyte, Goda Gausaite, Liisi Org, Allar Nirk
Greeta Pork, Janis Freimanis, Robert Reidla

Kalev Karpuk, Bence Gecsa Cserna (HAESF)




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