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Liene Putnina mastering Edtech in Boston

"I found the BAFF program to be enormously useful on a number of levels. In addition to gaining insights into education technology industry in the US and seeing how an overarching organization is operating on day to day basis, I also got to improve my social skills, got to travel all across the US and learn about different cultures and make a long list of inspiring and potentially very useful professional and personal connections." Liene spent her internship at LearnLaunch Accelerator in Boston, where she learned about the full cycle of operations in an Edtech startup accelerator, and honed skills in market research, business plan evaluation, development, deal sourcing, and  company portfolios. Her supervisors, Sam Silver, Asad Butt, and Liam Pisano all boast a wide spectrum of experience involved in tech roles, startup accelerators, and investment banking. 

The success of Liene's internship combined with her shining personality has  landed her several job offers back home in Latvia. She is enthusiastic to continue working in the Edtech sector, although is considering the possibility of furthering her education in finance sometime in the future. Until then, Liene is setting aside some time for herself to revel in all the splendours of Latvia. 

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