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Intern learns all the tricks of growth hack marketing

Estonian intern, Sander Sillavee, has fulfilled his internship at WeTravel Inc in San Francisco. WeTravel was pleased to harness Sander's talents for executing their online growth marketing strategies. Sander was provided frequent access to the latest trends in growth hack marketing, in addition to various networking and learning events, as well as other resources that would bolster his skill set.  Sander ultimately learned how to set up online marketing campaigns on his own, and implement new skills such as analytics, retention and conversion strategies through a varieties of tools and methods. Sander had the privilege of working under WeTravel's CEO and Co-Founder Johannes Koeppel, who has specialized in online entrepreneurship and marketing. Sander had the opportunity to attend cultural events in the Bay area, including Silicon Valley startup events, as well as company retreats at numerous Californian landmarks.  "I am definitely very satisfied with my year here," says Sander. "I had a lot of responsibility and that helped me to grow professionally." With his return to Estonia, Sander has plans to apply for a Communications Management Masters program at the University of Tartu, and then look for further career opportunities.

Image002 (2)
Sander at WeTravel. In the background, photos of the staff at WeTravel.




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