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Research Scholar, Arturas Jukna, shares his BAFF experience

Lithuanian Research Scholar, Arturas Jukna, considered his year-long research period at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester remarkably fruitful. With a career of over 30 years as a researcher,  Professor Jukna has served as the Head of the Department of Physics at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University since 2007, and is author and coauthor to nearly 80 scientific publications. The title of his research project is "The Investigation of Electric Properties of Devices made of Superconductor by means of THz Radiation." This technical research was supervised by Professor Roman Sobolewski, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Physics, and scientific reviewer and consultant for government agencies, journals and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. 

20170201_UofR_ECE_THzSeminar (26)What are your immediate plans when you return to Lithuania? To join the community of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University; and  to publish scientific papers based on experimental results obtained in research laboratories during my stay in the US.

List some professional events which you have attended during your stay in the U.S. IEEE-NEMS 2017 Conference at UCLA Los Angeles; the 75th Device Research Conference at the University of Notre Dame.  

List some ways in which you had an impact on your local U.S. community. My foremost impact on the local US community is related to scientific research of electric and optical properties of smart materials. I was also involved in training of University students about these research topics.

Name a person who was the greatest influence for you in the U.S. Prof. Roman Sobolewski, our research group leader.

What advice would you offer for future BAFF fellows? The opportunity of BAFF scholarship is great. Use this opportunity as soon as possible and enjoy your time in the US working for most advanced companies, making experiments in the most advanced research laboratories, and getting experience in the leading Universities in the US.


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