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Research Scholar, Dalia Bankauskaite, at CEPA

Lithuanian Research Scholar, Dalia Bankauskaite, has spent the past year conducting her research project at Center for European Policy Analysis in Washington DC. The title of her research was Public diplomacy and Society's Resilience to Information Warfare, which was supervised by A. Wess Mitchell, President of  the Center for European Policy.  With this topic, she would "map the vulnerability of Lithuanian society to the information warfare, especially focusing on the Russian speaking population and the society groups which use Russian as their second language and prefer the Russian language media." She observed "the US experience in public diplomacy design and implementation" in order to draft possible plans of diplomacy to build resilience to information warfare.  Ms. Bankauskaite serves as Advisor to the Information and Communication Department of the Lithuanian Parliament, and headed the EU Public Information Unit under the Lithuanian Government in preparation for  its joining the EU.

Dalia Bankauskaite at a CEPA round-table discussion titled What does the Kremlin fear? New insights and techniques from the digital frontline

What are your immediate plans when you return back home? To continue as an Adjunct Fellow at CEPA, teaching at Vilnius University, and let's not forget my summer holiday.

List some professional events which you have attended during your stay in the US. I have attended a number of round table discussions, panels, and conferences organized at CEPA and other think tanks situated in Washington DC, such as Atlantic Council, Hudson Institute, Heritage Foundation, McCain Institute, etc.

List some ways in which you had an impact on your local US community (i.e. volunteering, professional research, civic engagement). I conducted research on disinformation techniques. I handled the regular monitoring and briefing of the Washington DC Community on the Kremlin disinformation cases in Lithuania.  I contributed to the research methodology for disinformation impact to the society. I developed and implemented the agenda for the field trips of the U.S. political analysts to the Baltic States (3 trips). I reported on the Russia's culture of strategic thinking. I am also a Board member of Washington DC Lithuanian Professionals Club.

List one personal and one professional achievement for you during your time in the US. My report on the Russia's culture of strategic think about war, as well as my contribution to the design of CEPA StratCom program.

Name a person who was the greatest influence for you in the US. A. Wess Mitchell, President of CEPA; Peter B. Doran Executive Vice President and Interim Director in CEPA

What advice would you offer for future BAFF fellows? Have a very clear focus of your research; make sure that the receiving party will help you to navigate in your professional circles and be a partner in your research. DSC_0796


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