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PIP Robert Reidla's internship at Elegran

Estonian intern, Robert Reidla, has just completed his BAFF-funded internship at Elegran Real Estate in New York City. His year-long training in Digital Marketing, gave him first-hand experience in all aspects of marketing, from concept to execution, and analysis of each marketing channel, including email marketing, direct mailers, online campaigns, and Search Engine Marketing. Robert can now boast great expertise in SEO, SMM, Conversion Analysis, Real Estate and Business Strategy, all thanks to the close supervision of Tigh Loughhead, Elegran's Head of Marketing.  Tigh has over five years of experience in Online Advertising, Project Management, Consulting and Web Development, developed through a mastery of Digital Media, Listings Syndication, SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing and Print Advertising campaigns. Tigh had no difficulties with engaging Robert in cultural and corporate activities, as Elegran has a very large and gregarious employee community that enjoys corporate parties and restaurant outings on the New York scene.    IMG_0379
What are your immediate plans when you return back home? I will start working 2 days after my arrival.

List some professional events which you have attended during your stay in the US.  Salesforce Pardot User Group meetings, meetups of tech and marketing,  Salesforce WorldTour 2017

List some ways in which you had an impact on your local US community (i.e. volunteering, professional research, civic engagement). I volunteered in a soup kitchen in Lower East Side Manhattan.  It was an unique experience that I will never forget.

List one personal and one professional achievement for you during your time in the US. Professional achievement: I learned a lot about the real  estate  industry  in  New York and also reached and exceeded my initially set goal and expectations for digital marketing KPIs in Elegran.

Name a person who was the greatest influence for you in the US.  My mentor Tigh Loughead, who is a very influential person in the real estate marketing tech industry in USA. Through him, I expanded my professional network and also learned a lot about digital marketing.

What advice would you offer for future BAFF fellows?
Be sure where and who you want to be by the end of your internship. Set goals and stick to them. If  you're  feeling  useless,  be  proactive  and  show  initiative.  Don't  be  afraid  to  fail. Also,  stand  up  for  yourself  and  don't  let  bosses  use  you -  think  of  yourself  as a professional who should be treated equally with full-time employees. And  don't forget to travel and experience different parts of US!


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