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Kristina Gelzinyte and her internship at UCSB

Lithuanian intern, Kristina Gelzinyte, has spent her internship at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) working with professors James J. Speck and Claude Weisbuch. Kristina’s role was to investigate Auger current as an efficiency droop cause in light emitting diodes (LEDs) by studying hot electron distribution in nitride materials.

First, she had to prepare samples for experiments by making micrometer dimension contacts. She executed lithography and metal (gold, titanium, paladium) deposition in UCSB Nanotech clean room. Kristina processed both commercial and UCSB grown LEDs of green, blue, and violet colors. 

1 (2)
Kristina is preparing samples for SiO2 deposition.
The Nanotech clean room lithography bay deserted during the lunch time.
LED lit up after successful processing.

After processing samples, she studied them by measuring quantum yield and electron photo- and electro-emission in ultra high vacuum chamber - which was a couple orders of magnitude higher than in outer space. This technique is unique because electrons are forced out of the material’s surface with a very strong electric field. This is possible because the surface is covered by cesium (Cs), which significantly decrease the force keeping electrons inside.

4 (2)
Colleague Daniel is adjusting optical setup in the laboratory.
Top-view of ultra high vacuum chamber. Picture awarded as a best UCSB Laboratory Instrument picture.

During the internship Kristina participated in The Solid-State Lighting and Energy Electronics Center (SSLEEC) conference, weekly Nitride Department and LEDs seminars, and local social events such as ice cream social and Christmas retreat, where she won a price for the best UCSB Laboratory Instrument picture. Also she volunteered in Santa Barbara Film Festival and got a peek at Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Denzel Washington.

7 (2)
Kristina with her fellow volunteers at Santa Barbara Film Festival.

After tedious work at UCSB Kristina enjoyed lots of travel - visited 10 states in US, also Cuba and Mexico. Experiencing American culture was one of her passions. She celebrated Thanksgiving with a big beautiful American family - enjoying a huge turkey. Not to mention horseback riding in California mountains during the rain, shooting in a wild range, visiting a valley of poppies - California's state flower. And much more.

Kristina had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles.

“I’m so grateful to BAFF for my personal and professional experience. It was an extraordinary and inspiring year”, Kristina said about her internship.

Kristina and her adventures.


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