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PIP Justas Gratulevicius, promoting the stars!

Intern Justas Gratulevicius has taken his final bow as BAFF intern at We Are Free, an artist management company based out of New York. Justas's all-encompassing role handled the many facets of individual artists' or bands' careers including touring, merchandise, social media, and promotion. Justas also served as the company's eyes and ears outside of the office for discovering new music and venues, and keeping up-to-speed with the news of the music industry. His repertoire of expertise now includes advancing shows, creating and maintaining tour budgets, merchandising, social media and website management, tour scheduling, researching potential future clients, office management, and selling merchandise at the numerous shows they attend on a weekly basis.  Justas's internship was conducted by We Are Free Co-Managers Marley Harmon and Ben Rafson, who own several years of experience in the music industry. Beyond all the concerts that Justas attended in his role, he was also invited on corporate trips to museums, restaurants, and music business events.

Justas pinpoints his greatest achievement while in the US as being his contribution to the international launching of Jacques Greene's album, "Feel Infinite" (2017).  His greatest role model throughout his experience in the US goes to Ben Rafson, who has effectively and fruitfully shared with Justas all his insights about the music business.
Justas's final note for future Fellows is "be proactive and use all of the possibilities. There is no failure you can make, only the knowledge  that  it  doesn't  work  and  you  should try to do something different."


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